Cietušo Atbalsta Centrs

Our aims
To promote development and strength of the civil public.
To promote Legal proceeding restoring introduction.
To promote a criminality preventiation and victimization prophylaxis.
To promote defense of victims of crimes rights introduction of a more progressive legislation.
To carry out the former convicted, crime victims and rehabilitation of groups of the social risk and integrations in public, forming the centers of the Social rehabilitation for former convicted persons and victims of crimes.
To give legal, informative, psychological and social, medical, narcological help for former convicted persons and victims of crimes and other groups of the social risk.
To promote Reconciliation conclude between a victim and guilty and to give Mediation favors.
To organize a purpose group involve in various activities and to promote creative initiatives? To execute researches, examinations, to give conclusions.
To execute defenses of rights of clarifying actions and in other areas.
To promote public information.

To execute a volunteer attract organization and teaching.


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